This is me… My Name

My Name is O.M.P.H.I.LE; I own it as a badge, it is my definition and who I am.

O pen-minded

I open my mind up not to judge, to live and let live. As we all on a different journey, and the Rightful Judge is The Father so who am i? But measly man on whom He Looks upon, I am not here to be a divider of people but rather to bring them To the Lord if they may come.

M ad

I am that craziness wrapped up in pure African skin, complicated in a bubbly personality to make me. Mad about Christ, Mad on people, Mad on Life. Totally Mad. My best quality yet and I embrace it with the same way a new born embraces Life.

P oet

Amateur poet striving for the Best, on the way to the top, Contemporary baby! In a way that gives my readers goosebumps, with standing hairs upon their neck wondering if I am of this Earth. No, I am not a bragger I am just merely writing what people have expressed to me.

H umble

This is a quality best left to be judged by others, but as a famous quote goes sometimes you need to give yourself a pat on the back. Humility a quality that is required of all to showcase the human factor in one. I embrace you.

I ndividual

Yes baby! You heard me right I am an individual in my own right, clasping on to my originality with both hands (tsoo-pedi). I love who I am, and my individuality is not a crutch, but a formation of the being that defines me, beauty, brains, flaws, sugar and spice baby. No one else like me walks this Earth.

L ove

The Lovistaér! Kgm kgm… I love to love and be loved, the love queen. Love is at the core of every human, how can we exist without i? It nailed My Saviour to the tree. The Four letter word with immense impact when uttered, it can not be taken back, powerful words! Change my world today with them words! Can you feel me???

E ntertainer

A self-defined ‘Born Entertainer’, how I Love to make people laugh, smile and be happy. I wanna be a ray of sunshine in your dark day, so let me bring you to the radiance of gladness in this blissful abyss I Invite you too, can you feel my spin?IMG-20130403-WA004


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