What it means to Bleed the Pen…

To bleed the pen. A statement i love to use, i use it wisely though, and never loosely….

To bleed the pen is to state the truth

To be true to oneself

Telling it like it is: The pain, drama, hysterics, laughter, joy and happiness

On paper, i put it all out there, i cry, i laugh, i smile, i dance upon the A4 exercise notebook i bought from Mr. Price Home

i am happiest when i write, read and bake

I put all my feelings on paper, where i am not judged or shame, paper knows me, paper understand

With each stroke of my hand, i feel the release of emotion from my heart, flowing through my body to my hand, to the pen

At that beautiful moment, I and the pen are one. I bleed the pen without apology, without a care.

Lord im thankful for words, paper and pen…


Yours Wonderfully and Beautifully



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