Wedding Fever Bonanza!!!

It feels like a spiral of never ending fun, nerve wrecking planning and soooo Much dancing along the way.

its like someone opened the flood gates to this incredible institution. It is indeed a thing of Beauty.

A decision of marriage hinging on it, its not to be taken for granted, and LADIES lets not think a marriage and a wedding are the same thing. A wedding is a day event and marriage well its Definitely forever, well till you die or the Lord comes!

Ever seen a person in Love with love?? Well i have and i call her the Loveaster!!! Whatever that means, join the bandwagon, dont you know making up words is fabulous? Im pretty sure i will make it into Oxford one day?

Anyhow back to topic, Wedding bliss, nerves of fury, Christian Louboutin anyone? Its beautiful and WOW when the whole things comes together, sunny day, photographs galore.. But Most importantly Sleepovers with your best friend, all within God’s realm of how it should be…. I love weddings, my favourite part? The Vows (now that im older, that is if they write them themselves) and you may kiss the bride (purely for the teenager in me). May your wedding be nothing but Pure Bliss….

weddin bliss

Yours wonderfully and beautifully



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