Chicken Love… I call it Obsession

I have this friend, and i will not name any names. She has the most obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to C-H-I-C-K-E-N! You sure heard me right, i mean im obsessed with books but a two legged creature? No they don’t call them legs, what is the word again? Feet? Webby feet? Anyway she would pick anything and everyone, okay i exaggerate, her son definitely would come in, an inch of a nose before the love for chicken. She is A FIERCE mother. But if you’re a friend like me, never push the ultimatum of you or chicken!


I mean who can resist that yummilicious? When she sees this, her eyes will pop and there world would do a Bruno Mars and come to a standstill, and all that would exist would be her and the chicken. She even had to be given a consolidatory (Please don’t mock my new made words) prize on a piece of chicken once when a baboon snatched hers, believe me when i say it was Tragic.

She makes me laugh, and in a perfect world she would have chicken all day everyday, Shwarma anyone? This is how a chicken feels when it sees you, and please note, I shall name no name!


Trust me ‘Friend’ the chicken does not love you… Keep telling yourself it does this….chickenthat it practically waits for you to spice, roast and sink your teeth in it.. I clearly beg to differ.

But no matter what i would give you the last bit of my chicken and then some! That been said, one more person who will never be a vegetarian, Thanks for showing love to this lil guy ‘Friend’. Chicken Licken, KFC, Nandos, Hungry Lion, heck no chicken is safe…

Yours Beautifully and Wonderfully



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