Cheers to the New Year

I’m late i know, its been at least two weeks since the 1st Jan 2015. Maybe i’m just a late bloomer who knows?Here we go again with Resolutions, New Beginnings, Starting Afresh, Goals and starting the year with a new slate, and most importantly for the dramatic ones, No Drama!

I brought in the New Year with a young crew, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely: Snacks, Fizzys, Juices, Games! A girl can not possibly ask for more plus i had my number one right by my side. Fireworks were epic, and may i say we had the Best in the street!

This year i have may things in the pipework and have consulted HQ, My Lord knows all and He leads the way, i will gladly follow in blind Faith, because He knows the way better than i ever will. One of my Goals is a simple one, one i have been making for at least two years: TO BE HAPPY.

Happiness is truly a choice, making the most out of every situation, smiling when you want to crying, Looking above because you know the Lord bottles up all your tears. I’m thankful to have the Lord by my side always.

i’m coining this year #TheYearOfTheHustle … Looking forward to Rocking 2015, may it be a blessed year, and may i always give My Lord the Glory.

Cheers to 2015!!! May it be all you make it, and may all your dreams come true….


Yours Cheerfully and Lovingly



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