When we once Danced in the Fields….

Do you remember years ago?

when we were young and free

And how we would Dance and Dance,

We had no shame or fear,

Everything was a game, Everything was an adventure

I taught you how to ballroom, and you taught me the tango

We made magic everyday in those

Deserted gold streaked fields

How we would twirl and the wind would rush through our hair

It was then that i was free


Now i am a disgrace to my childhood self

In a cage of my own making

My spirit is locked in a cocoon

How do i get free?


I claw away like a vicious cat

There is no out it seems,

That is when i realize, its not my body that’s caged

Its my spirit, my carefree, happy and bubbly self

Its a mental locking of my own accord

It is then that i release and LET GO,

i AM Free again, running into the sunset


I am HAPPY, everyday is a blessing, A Gift from God.

I will be Joyous in this moment,

Once again i will dance in the fields i used to roam as a little girl

The Wind blows into my afro, or maybe NOT!

I breathe in the daises, tulips and grass

i AM Home….

Yours Shamelessly and Freely



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