Presenting…. Someone who needs no Introduction – LAURI KUBUITSILE

During the next couple of Months, i will be covering Exclusively (haha – i just had to put that in) but many of us will be covering this New Novel by the above delightful author. Be ready for a gripping, thrilling and overall worthy of applause book (Book Title and Press Release below)…

The Vanishings cover low res

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release (6 Feb,2015)

Lauri Kubuitsile’s Latest Detective Novel to be Serialised Free Online from 12 February 2015

Motswana writer Lauri Kubuitsile’s latest detective novel, The Vanishings, will be serialised around the internet starting from Thursday 12th February. Every Thursday two chapters from the novel will appear on two local blogs and an online African magazine based in Kenya. On Friday, the same chapters will be posted on a Facebook page set up exclusively for the novel.

Kubuitsile is known for writing mysteries. Most notable is her Kate Gomolemo series. The first book, The Fatal Payout (Macmillan), is a set work in junior secondary schools in Botswana. Other books in the successful series include Murder for Profit published by Pentagon Publishers in Botswana, and Anything for Money published in South Africa by Vivlia Publishers. She also writes the humorous Lola Molefi Mysteries published through cellphones by the South African literacy trust FunDza.

Her new series is set in Maun and features the crime fighting duo: police detective, Dambuza Chakalisa, and tour guide company owner, Delly Woods. In the first book, Dambuza has just arrived in Maun and is given five missing persons cases. Nothing connects the cases and no bodies have been found. It appears as if the people have just vanished.

Kubuitsile says The Vanishings manuscript has had a bit of bad luck. It was accepted by two different publishers, but unfortunately in both cases the deal could not go through. In one the publisher went out of business, and in the other editorial differences had her withdrawing the manuscript before signing the contract. She felt bad for her battered manuscript and decided it would not take the traditional route again. Serialising it in this way is an experiment she’s excited about.

“I’m always keen to try new ways to use the technology that is available to writers,” she said. “It doesn’t always need to be about earning money from your writing, sometimes the benefits from what you’re doing appear later and that’s fine with me.”

The blogs participating in The Vanishings Project are: mslyric writer ( and lo-blogs ( ) . It will also appear on her own blog, Thoughts from Botswana. Additionally, the chapters will appear at the Kenyan based online African magazine Afrikan Mbiu (

On Fridays the two chapters will be posted again at The Vanishings Facebook page


Bio for Lauri Kubuitsile

Lauri Kubuitsile is a full time writer living in Mahalapye, Botswana. She has numerous published books (in South Africa, Botswana and overseas) and many short stories published around the world.  Seven of her books for children are prescribed reading in schools in Botswana and South Africa. She has won or been shortlisted for numerous prizes among them she was shortlisted for the 2011 Caine Prize, and twice won The Golden Baobab Prize for children’s stories. Her most recent books are a collection of short stories, In the Spirit of McPhineas Lata and Other Stories (Hands-On Books/ HopeRoad London) and the sequel to her YA book, Signed, Hopelessly in Love (Tafelberg), titled  Signed, The Secret Keeper published by Diamond Educational Publishers in Botswana.

For more information Lauri Kubuitsile can be reached at or 267-71327525

Yours in Bookworm Land



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