Happiness… Is it really Elusive?

Tinkering away,




and then i eclipse.

I move in and mark my territory like a predator marks his land,

My scent tells my presence,

As much as the sun shines in the sky and makes its mark everyday,

I shine in on the land,

Everyday i’m a mover and a shaker looking for what makes the world tick,

As i knock on doors and gates,

Searching for the elusive thing,

The thing that seems to escape each man – happiness,

It is then i finally realized,

Happiness is not something attained from others,

It is a path i must choose for myself.


Beacause i am free to be happy at any given time,

I smile, the world smiles back and then i feel a warmth inside my heart.

A little bit of happiness growing in me.

I am Happy.


Yours in Happiness,



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