Me Lately…. Trying to Catch my Breath…

Its been a whirlwind, with me pulling the Absent with a capital A. Sometimes life just happens and we don’t even take time to Breathe.
At times even i have to take a deep breathe… Breathe Omphile breathe.


This life seems to take a toll on anyone and everyone?
Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you feel like saying ‘Wait a minute! I am in control life…’ hahaha i do, or at least God is in control but nevertheless if there is one thing i have learnt is that ‘Life Happens, You Adapt.’ No matter what, otherwise it will be okay. I have to keep reminding myself that. God is in Control, and i just need to take time to breathe, take in the beauty around me that is creation, and Thank God for everyday.
After all everyday i am alive is a blessing.


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