She enters the room

Regal and Elegant,

All clad to the nines.

Making me look at me

Doubt myself


Am i dressed for the occasion?

My faded tee shirt

And best skirt that,

Seems to have gone out of season

Months ago when the hashtag was a thing

My hair all tucked into a mommy bun.

I choose to sit in the corner

Watch this magnificent creature,

Who makes me question myself and

Judge my outside instead of the inside.

As i stare and observe when she speaks and

Does her mannerisms,

I see that i Am Twice the woman she is…

She has no manners to speak of,

Harassing everyone and,

Portraying an air of self importance.

Feeling herself as if she says ‘Jump’

To which we say ‘how High’

While already in the air.

I stand up from my corner,

Determined to put this one in her place,

My confidence is building

Whilst in my faded tee shirt and last season’s skirt.

My roughed up edges once slick holding the hair,

that perfects the mommy bun.

I choose not to be put down by a stranger,

No matter how well dressed she is,

I am also dressed in something more important on the inside,

Than she will ever have on the outside!


Yours Beautifully and Wonderfully




2 thoughts on “Unapologetical

Add yours

  1. I think a lot of emphasis has been put on looks to a point where mothers are underappreciated considering the amount of responsibilities they have.I can relate to this poem especially since I am a mother and keeping up with appearances is not at the top of my ‘to do list.’

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  2. I see what you mean though but this piece just spoke to me because sometimes we women though we don’t want to be all about the look, we portray that image and that’s all people remember about us. We are definitely MORE than our looks. Yes Mommy <3. Thank you for commenting and reminding me once more that we are MORE. ill strive to post such pieces when the words speak to me. x


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