Indebted to the Government

Today a friend of mine shared Mmegi’s post, you can find it at
tagging myself and thirty other friends proposing that we pay back the fees so that others could have the same opportunity that we had. basically ‘ free’ education. Not really free but sort of.

Those who have attended Tertiary at the pleasure of the Botswana Government would remember the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) that we all had to sign. I remember that hot mid day week, at least i believe it was mid day. Forgive me, my memory is a little fuzzy as this was over a decade ago. I remember that it was a hot day though, we we gathered waiting for the DTEF employees to call our names, it was a long wait. Sometimes you would be there a day, sometimes three, others we were there for a week or more. Sometimes your name was never called and you had to begin the process again. Somewhere in my mother’s house between Gaborone and Mookane lies my MOU, the Terms are partly forgotten sadly. I really must look for it and familiarize myself with exactly what i owe the Government.

As a responsible citizen I must pay back the monies for the privilege of holding an Accountancy Degree from my tertiary of choice. But my questions is: Whom am i accountable to? How do i start this process of repayment? How much do i pay? For how many years? What are the implications? All this information should be made available to the Public. Definitely Government should do MORE in order to chase about citizens such as ourselves who have not being paying the required amounts. Regulations should have been put into place the moment classes of tertiary schools graduated in order to begin debiting the money from our accounts, the moment we started work. After all most of these students would still be using the same Banks and Accounts that were opened for them by the Government at various Banks.

But in the same breath one can say as citizens we should also take the initiative to pay back the debt ourselves without being pushed. That being said, many have asked but have not been answered. I remember when i worked for Government, i called the office and was told we will be contacted, that they were following a list. Those who graduated before us where paying first, and that it would all be systematic. Only later to learn even people from my graduating year were paying?! Are there any controls in place?

Its not like at this point anyone is forced to pay back Exorbitant moneys all at once, its a process, i.e. a certain amount over x years. I believe the Government does this because they understand we all need to make a living, we need to survive, hence his great understanding.
If only it was easy to get the payment process ball rolling? But I wouldn’t know much about the NOW anymore as i last contacted the seasons ago.

To Pay or not to Pay? Another young Motswana’s life lies in your hand. You have the power to dictate their future.
If Only Government followed up on everyone who still owes then, then, and only then would we be able to finance other young brilliant minds in Botswana, then maybe they wouldn’t need to cut other Ministries’ budgets.

No matter what, I will always be thankful to the Botswana Government for sponsoring my studies, and giving me a chance some youngsters in other countries can only dream of. To be able to be sponspored not only for tuition but a living allowance is a Great Priviledge, I can only say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. And be grateful, I was born here. #ProudMotswana


Yours in debt,



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