My brother and I were talking the other day. About Fear how it enslaves anyone who lets it, its almost as if it reaches up and threatens to choke you to death. People are afraid of many things. I was swimming at a hotel one day, and met a man, a grown man who told... Continue Reading →


Today I am throwing back on a Wednesday no less. I really couldn't be bothered with the whole #TBT. Every day should be a throwback day right? Below is what i wrote on the 11th November 2013! That's how long i have literally been blogging for... WHOA! Just did not take it so seriously back... Continue Reading →

Baby Blues III

pic credit: bt.com This is Part III. You can catch the prologue Baby Blues I and the second part here Baby Blues II. As always thank you for reading. Kadija knew Mbaki was different of late. There was something he was not telling her. But she was patient, and she knew when he was ready he would tell... Continue Reading →

Love’s Fringes

Hi Readers 🙂 This post falls under our WRITERS CRUSH EVERYDAY category. My theory is, why wait till Wednesday? Hands down everyday should be crush day! That being said, this story was written by a good friend of mine, a fellow Manchester United supporter (story for another day!) I have known him for awhile now, we... Continue Reading →

Baby Blues II

pic credit: bt.com Click Prologue for the introductory post to the story. Kadija and Mbaki had been married for just a year. When they met he had been heavily in debt, debt acquired building a house on his mother's plot. A house for her matsale (mother-in-law) and ungrateful sisters in law. He was the only boy and... Continue Reading →


This is a little something from my little brother:) - KITSO. We are a creative bunch i guess, our Mommy's genes. Happy Reading...   Trust... that is a very strong word. How often in life do we take for granted the people who care unconditionally for us? We go, leave home, chasing the wind. We... Continue Reading →

Baby Blues I

So i was talking with Josephyina and she encouraged me to start with series writing. She told me it was addictive 🙂 So here we go... Happy Reading. pic credit: pinterest.com Prologue: It was a beautiful Thursday morning, her wedding day. Kadija and her prince charming would stand before the District Commissioner and say 'i do' She smoothed... Continue Reading →

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