Baby Blues I

So i was talking with Josephyina and she encouraged me to start with series writing. She told me it was addictive 🙂 So here we go… Happy Reading.


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It was a beautiful Thursday morning, her wedding day. Kadija and her prince charming would stand before the District Commissioner and say ‘i do’ She smoothed out her dress, white for purity and innocence but the rebel in her opted for a yellow sash too. The color of her happy spirit and the love between her and Mbaki.

Mbaki was like a tall glass of dark coffee. His dark complexion mesmerized her, along with those liquid brown eyes. She drank him in everyday and loved him from her heart. He made her love him by his confidence in her, when he held her she just couldn’t deal and after she discovered that their hearts beat with the same rhythm Kadija fell in love.

Mbaki smiled as he put on the cufflinks, his sweetheart had bought them, as he applied his cologne only Kadija was on his mind. The sweet, innocent and gorgeously ravishing with brains to match fiance, soon to be his wife. His wife. He would have someone to call his, all his life he had always belonged to other people, they burdened him with their issues. He never had someone to share his life’s joys and sorrows with, now he would have someone for life, who would love him through everything.

She came like a vision on her father’s arm. Her beauty unparalleled, they met at the door of the conference room. She was dressed in white, a simple dress with a mother of pearls and a stunning stiletto shoe. They stared at each other while they sat, waiting to be married, taking each other in, loving each other all over again. ‘ Do you take this woman as your…’ Mbaki nodded and said ‘yes’ at the same time. They took each other in holy matrimony, pledging forever in front of the District Commissioner  and their parents. The union was sealed with a kiss and a lot of ululation.

After becoming husband and wife they had a luncheon at a small cafe in Gaborone. It was only a few people, as their budget had been tight. They had all the important people in their lives around them. The air was crisp, the sun was out so everything was truly perfect.

Their life together finally began.

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