This is a little something from my little brother:) – KITSO. We are a creative bunch i guess, our Mommy’s genes. Happy Reading…



Trust… that is a very strong word. How often in life do we take for granted the people who care unconditionally for us? We go, leave home, chasing the wind. We go on a whim, hoping for greener pastures, seeking the unseen, lost knowing we have the backbone of those individuals to lean on.

We believe, NO! We take them for granted thinking they have always been there, so they will always be. But life happens, amidst the dark paths, rejection, humiliation, solitude, hatred, acceptance then again rejection, because you know you can always go back to those who from day 1 love you regardless of your mistakes and the shame.


Thank you all for reading. I have convinced him to post weekly, so lets liven up this blog and have some fun.


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