Baby Blues II


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Kadija and Mbaki had been married for just a year. When they met he had been heavily in debt, debt acquired building a house on his mother’s plot. A house for her matsale (mother-in-law) and ungrateful sisters in law. He was the only boy and the responsibility had always weighed him down. They consciously forgot that he was the last born, he was the breadwinner and they treated him like their slave.

Though he loved his family, Mbaki knew that when he was a bachelor they used him. He was a ‘father’, brother, uncle and everything in between. He had three sisters, one lived in the USA. The other two lived with his mother, Kgalalelo and Naletsana had four children between them, two apiece. Nephews and nieces without fathers, because they didn’t care to support. It was only by Mbaki’s intervention they were able to get some money from the fathers through the courts.

Kadija worked as Auditor for KPMG, and Mbaki was a self-employed mechanic who specialized in heavy equipment and machinery. A contrast of careers and since they had been married, Mbaki finally knew how to handle money. BUDGET was a key word in their house, and no penny was spent without justification and utmost scrutiny.

They had only just managed to clear the credit card debt after living on the very basic of needs. They still had a loan, which slowly but surely was going down. Having children was a dream they had, but it was still out of their reach. Kadija’s womb cried out to be filled but there we challenges at every angle, so it would have to wait. Determined not to have a baby till they were debt free, and could focus on themselves.

Mbaki was oblivious of most things but he knew something was wrong with his wife. She had difficulty sleeping, was always tired and moody of late. It couldn’t be PMS he had not heard her uttering anything about a period in a while. Pregnancy he thought, but he would need proof. He knew how Kadija would react to this, if there was any truth to his line of thought, she would flip out. First would come the denial, then anger, and acceptance but the regret would always linger. He sighed heavily knowing he couldn’t take the test without her consent.

He heard the door, kadija came in, clearly in a happy mood. ‘Babe i got a raise today, nothing substantive but it is something we can use for savings.’ She started humming somewhere over the rainbow, something she often did. Mabki hugged his wife and kissed her, ‘ Congrats babe.’ He didn’t want to arouse her suspicious and spoil the mood so he kept mum. He glances at her, she was practically dancing on air, and he had not seen her this jolly for some time.

They spent the night in bliss celebrating her promotion. But Mbaki had a secret, and in the back of his mind, he knew he had to tell her. Not while she is this happy. So he postponed the conversation that burned in his mind all night.

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