Baby Blues III


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This is Part III. You can catch the prologue Baby Blues I and the second part here Baby Blues II. As always thank you for reading.

Kadija knew Mbaki was different of late. There was something he was not telling her. But she was patient, and she knew when he was ready he would tell her.

The next day they got ready, went about their routine. Kadija dropped Mbaki at his workplace – his garage. He chose that moment to utter, ‘ Babe when last did you get your period?’ Her mouth formed an ‘O’ sign, fear filled her eyes but she kept the tears at bay. ‘ No! No! Mbaki No! We are not ready.’ She was frantic and he felt like an idiot. Why did he pick that moment, when she was going to work. He caressed her shoulders and kissed her cheek. ‘Buy the test babe, let’s take it after work.’

Kadija left, and on the way she cried. Her vision started to blur so she pulled over in a mall parking lot. She had always been ashamed of her tears, of the crying. It was an emotion for the weak in her eyes, so she only let herself cry for five minutes. She then got up and went to the pharmacy to pick up some tests. She managed to get to work just on time, not impressive by her standards. Being exactly on time for work was unacceptable behavior for a woman of her stature, but that day she accepted the reality.

In the afternoon she couldn’t take the suspense, so she dashed to the ladies’ restroom and did the test.The wait gave her time to check the mails on her Iphone. When the timer rang, she composed herself and checked the test. It was Negative, that left her perplexed. She had always been regular on her period, and it was highly predictable. Was this one of those rare false positives?

The afternoon dragged on, Kadija did her work diligently and waited for knock off time. She dashed to pick up Mbaki so they get home and run the test again. It was as if they were insync, when she got to the garage, he was ready. The shop was closed and he was waiting for her on the porch. They drove home in silence, yet deep down hey had volumes to say. They got home, she quickly abandoned her briefcase and laptop bag in the lounge, ran to their bedroom and did the test. They waited on the bed, each on their own side, withdrawn and vulnerable. They both longed to be held but were too afraid to seek comfort in each other.

The timer rang. They both leaped to check the test. What would it hold for them? For their future?

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