Today I am throwing back on a Wednesday no less. I really couldn’t be bothered with the whole #TBT. Every day should be a throwback day right?

Below is what i wrote on the 11th November 2013! That’s how long i have literally been blogging for… WHOA! Just did not take it so seriously back then, but I never stopped writing. After all it has kept me sane and out of trouble. Its God’s gift to me!


From a young age she has wanted this

She has envisioned this very moment

Over and over in this white masterpiece

A long look in the mirror and,

She begins to wonder if this is really her

She closes her eyes and quietly thinks of her half

The reflection of her, if he were here

But it’s all in GOD’s plan

As smile flashes across her face, and

Deep down she knows he is watching

That he is proud and sends kisses from Heaven

The day has dawned

She finally marries her Prince Charming, a man from GOD

With thanksgiving in her heart, she lifts her head up in Prayer

A kiss from daddy as he takes her hand for the aisle walk

To the man she was made for, her soul mate, love of her life

The lines on their faces tell a story

A story of how it all begun,

The start of something now, beautiful and full of promise

The very thing has brought them to this day

HE who begun, continued and now finished the work

So how can we not then rejoice in this day?

As blessings spread all around and reign on the whole congregation

Today they join in matrimony; exchange ring s, promises and Hope for tomorrows together

In front of this Assembly, and most importantly GOD, they pledge allegiance and love

Here they begin their tomorrow

Their eyes shine and the final cord is clasped

‘The Greatest of these three is LOVE’

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pic credit: https://dmgdomoregood.wordpress.com

The link to the original post is http://ladyshazmic.blogspot.com/2013/11/celebration.html

I recited this at a friend’s wedding after they were husband and wife. Love really is the most beautiful blessing and the greatest gift to mankind. After all it was Love that nailed the Lord Jesus to the tree at Calvary.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Blessings,




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