My brother and I were talking the other day. About Fear how it enslaves anyone who lets it, its almost as if it reaches up and threatens to choke you to death. People are afraid of many things.

I was swimming at a hotel one day, and met a man, a grown man who told me he was terrified of the water, this fear had been instilled with him from a young age and grew with him. I found it sad and encouraged him to try, I showed him everyone can float and that you are always in control of the gravity of water if, and only if you do not fight with it.

Life is like that isn’t it? Often as human being we fight so much, fight everything that happens that we don’t like. And trust me sometimes its okay, some battles need to be fought to be won. But is it really wise to fight everything?

Some things need to happen for you in order for you to grow.

Some pain needs to touch your heart to teach you to feel.

Some people need to abandon you so you can learn to lean on God only.

Some good needs to happen in your life so you do not give up hope – This gives us glimpses of God right here on Earth.

So which battles are you picking in your life today?

Does fear rule you?

I will be the first to admit, I am terrified of snakes. So scared even seeing pictures gives me goosebumps and I will never let myself be near one out of just sheer interest. That being said, that fear will probably always rule me. I have made peace with that, but what I chose to do is downplay it so my children do not have to be afraid too. It would be horrible to transfer such to them. So for them I will be stronger and hope I do not faint when they ask me to touch one!

But then again some fears can be conquered. That’s why it is essential to choose what you can live with and accept what you can’t.

More in the next part…


pic credit: inspiyr.com

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