Counting down to 1 Year

My little angel will be 1 year in just 7days! I am so excited for her, she is growing bigger and mentally too, reaching different milestones everyday. A HUGE part of who I am is being a mother, and she has taught me that the human heart Always has space for more love. Everyday I... Continue Reading →

Baby Blues VI

Mbaki dropped Kadija at her workplace and rushed to Princess Marina Hospital. When he got to the emergency room he saw his sisters. Both were in tears, they are mourning her even before she is dead. He looked at them, both were slurring their words and could not even walk straight. They were drunk, probably been... Continue Reading →

True Love & Mature Relationships

Yes it is another Writer's Crush Everyday. We have a very special guest here. A dear friend of mine, I asked her to write something yesterday and you know what? She literally wrote this yesterday, that is pure heart! Kutemwa (Kutie) Kara Mazala I love that you are willing to support me in this endeavor,... Continue Reading →

In her eyes

She opens her eyes early in the morning, Gets up on tummy time and proceeds to sit down. Then she smiles at me, Clapping her hands at the same time. So much light in her eyes, You can see she is so excited to be up. I scoop her up in my arms and say... Continue Reading →

My Heart

Last year my heart walked out, Right out of my chest. It blinked at me with two small eyes, Legs that kicked those hospital blue blankets fiercely. My heart did not even cry.   Last year my heart walked out, My heart begin to grow, Right before my eyes it grew. It learnt how to... Continue Reading →


My heart was beating out of my chest, a week had passed. They said to check my email after a week. So I waited, 7 whole days, and then I typed out gmail. I took a breath, inhaling the crisp air, and i breathed out hot air as I logged in. I closed my eyes and hoped... Continue Reading →

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