Baby Blues IV

The test was negative! She was not pregnant. Relief washed over their faces. They held each other tightly, their bodies comforting each other. Each new touch brought a sense of hope, they knew that they could face another day, another battle – together.

Kadija looked at Mbaki, ‘ I was so scared. I thought…’ before she could finish her sentence she ran to the bathroom. Mbaki was not far behind. He found his wife with half her head in the toilet, throwing up.

‘Babe…’ Kadija waved him away. Her insides were churning, what is happening here? She silently asked her reflection in the mirror. She carefully rinsed with mouthwash, the smell of puke disgusted her. She found Mbaki on his knees, Was he praying?  He stood and hugged her.

‘We are going to be okay babe.’ He whispered into her ear. They ordered out that night, Chinese – chicken chow mien. It was a night of bliss, and they made choice to enjoy each other.

The next day, they got ready, ‘Babe have you seen my suitcase?’ Kadija asked as she slipped into her suit. ‘It’s in the lounge.’ Mbaki’s voice carried from the bathroom.

They got in the car. I think I should make an appointment to see the doctor.’ Kadija said. Mbaki nodded and replied with a solemn voice, ‘ I think that would be best.’ He clasped her hand, ‘We are in this together.’

Kadija managed to get a lunch appointment to see Dr. Havana. He was her family doctor, an old, wispy man now, but always thorough in his consultations. He peered at her through his glasses when she came in. ‘Kaji!’ His affection name for her. ‘Doctor Bear.’ She squealed in delight and almost felt like a 9 year old again. Dr. Havana had delivered her, before even the so called gynecologists had existed. They embraced.

‘So you want to run a pregnancy blood test?’ That we can do.’ He called his nurse in, the drew blood and Kadija winced. ‘The lab will run the test now and we should have the results for you in an hour. Do you want me to call you when I get them?’

‘Yes Doctor Bear. Thank you for the lunch slot.’ She said gratefully.

‘My regards to your parents.’ He replied as he saw her out.

When she got to work she was distracted the. ‘Kadija… hello?’ Nina was waving papers in front of her. kadija snapped out of it, ‘Sorry Nina, I was miles away.’

‘Are you okay?’ Nina asked. Kadija just nodded. They began to discuss their next audit. Nina was her colleague and co-leader in their audit team. So they met often to discuss clients, reports and the team’s workload.

Ring… Ring… Please pick me up Kadija’s phone rang. The caller ID was Doctor Bear’s Office. Kadija looked at Nina pleadingly. ‘Take it Kadz. I need to make some copies for the team.’ Nina was always so understanding, a trait Kadija always admired.

‘Hello.’ Kadija answered.

‘Hello Kaji, your blood work came back. I have the results in from of me.’ Doctor. Havana replied.

Kadija shuddered and braced herself, ‘Tell it to me straight doctor.’


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