Chasing Dreams & Deadlines

Yesterday was a frantic day for me, I chose to do the impossible and you know what? I Did it, by God’s grace I did it! It didn’t come easy, it came with a lot of sacrifice.

It was the deadline of the Writivism Mentorship Program and I was wondering whether I would make it, 12 midnight EAT was the exact timeline. I had honed a story in my head in 2 hours. But writing it out, editing it, that was the real work. I wondered whether I would make it, with all the wife/mother duties I had. Cooking, washing, Feeding baby, putting her to bed. At night is when Sunshine clings to me most.

God please help me.  A simple prayer, from an imperfect Christian. The hubbz is very supportive of my dream, he knows about my creative gift and urges me again and again to push myself. So he took baby and I went about my other chores. There I was juggling washing dishes while I had my notepad penning the story. It was almost comical, if only I had not been under so much pressure. But I was, and I Needed it.  I needed to apply in order to have a chance of being chosen. After all to reap the rewards, you have to do the work.

It was at 9 pm, that I finally was able to sit down, all duties done but my supper untouched, to type out my story. Note: It was not only the story/ writing sample (500-1000 words), but also a synopsis, a personal statement (why I believe I should be chosen) and a short bio (50-100 words). No easy feat. I felt overwhelmed, But I got the strength to push on. This is an once in a lifetime opportunity of being mentored by real life Awarding winner African Writers, how more enticing could it be? I had to enter.

I submitted my application around 22:35 hrs, tired but very thankful. Who knows? Whether I get it or not, I know that I tried and that shows just how much I wanted it. Dreams Work when you do.


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Thank you for reading.


© Shaz February 2016


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