Fear (Part II)

When you search Google for the word FEAR, the search shows that FEAR is actually an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. This makes one think, because in actual essence, What is fear?

Fear is an illusion, it’s something that is uncertain that we ware usually afraid of. It colors our imagination and can rule our mind. Think. Is it true? Is it really there?

Sometimes what we fear the most is what we really want.

Have you ever been so afraid of something because you want it so bad and you are afraid you will not get it? So instead you begin to fear it, because in your mind you will never have it.

Sometimes what we fear is something we need to conquer.

Some fears need courage. You need to take courage, take charge and face that fear head on, in order to move past it, so you can move on in your life.

Fear is necessary though because without it we would all be careless and far too carefree, taking countless and useless risks. But what is unnecessary is letting fear rule you. Letting fear rob you of you.

I remember when I was a child. I feared nothing. Children are never afraid, its only as we grow we acquire fear because of life’s circumstances and the influence of ourselves and others.

I remember an episode from one of my Korean dramas, where one character said (paraphrasing) : Children don’t hesitate when they see something they like, because they know the tears will come if they don’t get it.

So today, Choose to not hesitate. Be like a child. Take that trip, Ask that girl out, Girl say yes to that boy, follow the road less traveledtell your parents and siblings you love them, quit that job to pursue passion…

Take that calculated risk.

Choose Courage above fear.

Do something, just don’t hesitate, because the tears will come one day when you begin to regret.



pic credit: pinterest.com

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© 2017 Sharon M.


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