The Afternoons are the hardest…

It is just a few minutes before 2pm,

Mommy has to rush back to work.

I see your teary face.

Hear your little baby cries.

Crying for me,

Wanting me,

Needing me,

The afternoons are the hardest.


Lunch hour is 1pm – 2pm.

The time i see your cute face.

The time we play.

And act like an hour is enough…

Enough to take each other in,

I try to breastfeed you,

You bite me.

The afternoons are the hardest.


We roll about on granny green shade.

You’re the gladiator,

I am the arena,

You jump off me,

Bounce off me.

Laughing as you merrily go your way.

Always coming back to mommy.

The afternoons are the hardest.


Mommy has to leave now I explain,

You do not understand, yet you do.

You cling to me tightly,

Tears forming in your little eyes.

If you could speak I bet you would say:

‘Mommy do not go. Mommy stay with me.’

My heart yearns to be with you my minion.

God knows best… I trust His timing.

The afternoons are the hardest.


I love you my angel,

I love you my minion.

You are the greatest thing I ever did.

You are a beautiful reflection of your daddy and me.

Know that you are loved.

One day, Just you wait,

The afternoons won’t hurt so much.



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© 2017 Sharon M.



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