The Gift of Life

Do you know that just by being alive today, you are a miracle?

Have you sat down and wondered how many people did not get up today? How many people will not even see the sun set on today?

Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year you are alive is a blessing. It is a gift from God. After all, (sadly) people drop dead all the time ever year.

Do you fear death? Many people who do not know what will happen after dying fear death.

Me… I am at peace, even if I died today I have secured my place in Heaven. How can i be so sure? Because my name has been written in the Book of Life, and every single name written there can never be unwritten.

Revelations 20 v 15 clearly tells us that whoever is not written in the Book of Life is eternally lost. Are you lost today? Are you looking for a way back home? Back to the Creator?

He gave you life, so you must give Him that life. How? By Believing in The Lord Jesus Christ, by giving your life to Him. John 3 v 16 (The most famous verse) tells us of The Lord Jesus’ precious sacrifice. How He gave up His life, so we might live. Not just live on Earth but live forever (Man’s version of immortality).

Its Simple, One way to Heaven is The Lord Jesus.

The Only way is To believe in Him and confess your sins (No one is sinless. We are all sinners – Romans 3 v 23 tells us that. God made a way by His Son, and now Salvation is not a difficult mountain to climb, The Lord Jesus Christ is our bridge to God.

The choice is yours, because God gave us all free will. What will you choose?


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Thank you for reading. Have a Blessed day.



© 2017 Sharon M.


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