Counting Down to 30!

I wrote a previous post about turning 30 here. It was an eye opener to me, to discover, I maybe a little scared but I know I am ready. Life always has responsibilities and the older you get, the more they get. By now I have learnt one important word prioritize. You will always be pulled in many different directions by any number of things, the thing that will keep you sane in a insane world is your ability to choose wisely.

Turning 30 for me is a milestone, Have I done all I wanted to have done? The answer is no, I am nowhere near where I had wanted to be. It hurts a little, but I have achieved other goals that I have set and in some cases exceeded them, so everything all balances out. The good definitely outweighs the bad.

What do I want to do for my year of 30?

  1. Write more (possibly a little every night) – I did write last night. And submit my work to various places.
  2. Love more
  3. Travel (I can’t add more because what I have been doing is insufficient).
  4. Read more (someone give me more time).
  5. Train more and eat more healthily (#FitMe)

This is going to be a beautiful year. Filled with endless possibilities just waiting to be claimed.

Bring On 30! I am just counting down, will be 30 in 5 days! Wow…


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Thank you for reading.



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