Sleeping with eyes wide open

I can not remember the last time I really had a good night sleep… It was probably a year ago. Since then it’s been a roller coaster ride. Half nights peeing in the loo, or feeding baby, calming her down, putting her back to bed after she had woken several times.

It is exhausting, I know for a fact now I have an energy span greater than a Duracell battery powered bunny. With Motherhood it is important to take the good with the bad, a pinch of salt for balance too.

Nothing is ever easy, but I know for a fact every moment is beautiful. Every moment is precious. When you look into your baby’s eyes all the tiredness seems to fade away. Most times I find myself half asleep, clinging to here will she plays in the wee hours of the night. Sometimes, I sit up just so that I do not fall asleep and she falls of the bed.

Some nights you wake up just to play,

To clap your hands, smiling in the dark without a care in the world.

Some nights you just want to feed,

Yearning for comfort only a mother can give.

Some nights you just want to be held,

To know that someone is there.

Every night without sleep is a night we bond.

A bond closer than anything on Earth.

So, If you see me today. Forgive me if i look a little slow, a little haggard (Concealer can only hide so much! LOL), and if I am quiet. Just know that, my minion woke up early again, and I am trying my hardest to stay awake.


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But if you catch me sleeping with my eyes wide open, give me a little nudge and a smile and I will rejuvenate again. It is not easy being a mommy, and we are all here doing the best we can for the little ones we love so much.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate the comments and the support.



© 2017 Sharon. M


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