Almost 30!

So thirty I hear you calling me. You will be calling me in less than 24hrs! I am just numb now, the challenge is accepted but, its just like its happening to someone else. Is it happening to me? Of course it is, but I’m there thinking okay… It is happening, and I am apparently almost leaving myย twenties. I will miss calling myself 20-something but its a new era, new beginnings are so beautiful and I can not wait to see what will be happening.

It feels like growing has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. There are so many opportunities out there, opportunities I have been waiting for, that I never saw before. I am growing into myself, into who I want to be, into who I am meant to be. It is going to be a beautiful year of fabulousity! The way God has given me blessings upon blessings, I am in awe. I am thankful.

It has not always been a walk in the park, there has been so many ups and downs! But taking the good and the bad balances out everything and makes for an amazing effect.

Am I happy?


Do I love my life?


It is going to be EPIC!

To think I never imagined this would be me? That 1987 would never reach 2017, that reaching 30 was like a dream. It would be something far and not within reach. How does 30 get to be so soon? Has time passed by so quickly? Seems like a joke… But it is not. I will 30 tomorrow!


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See you on the other side of 30! Thank you very much for reading!





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