No to Valentines!

Another Valentine’s is upon us. I just act like the day does not exist every year, I do not celebrate nor believe in the day. But I have no problem with people doing that, everyone views things differently right? That is what makes us all unique.

I bury my head in the sand every year around this day, and come up for air on the 15th!

WHY I do not Celebrate valentine’s day;

  1. It’s an over commercialized day. Is love supposed to have a price?
  2. It puts too much pressure on people. Love can get complicated and hard, why do we have to make it a tad bit harder?
  3. A specific day for Love? Come on, in my view EVERYDAY should be a loved day. Everyday is another day to be loved and shown love.

Possibly even women/men abusers celebrate it. Sad but true, that day you may not have the bruises, that day you will be his queen/king. But what happens after the day is over? When the fantasy ends and reality begins again?

Love is a beautiful thing, it moves human beings to do the most amazing things. Therefore everyday is a day to love and be loved, Everyday should be experienced more beautifully than the other.

Love should not be that hard, Love should be easy. Who is Valentines anyway? What did he do? Do you know all this, or you are just going around with the masses?

If you are single, don’t even fret about not feeling ‘special’ that day. Just give yourself love everyday and you will not need a ‘special’ day to feel loved when that wonderful woman/man comes into your life.


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Ultimately the greatest love is from The Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of Love, the Greatest Sacrifice.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate your thoughts.



© 2017 Sharon. M


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