Baby Blues V

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A nerve wrecked Kadija clung to her phone tightly and listened to the doctor’s voice. ‘Kadija you are pregnant. Congratulations!’ She steadied herself and grabbed the nearest chair, sat down and somehow managed to mouth out, ‘thank you.’ Then hung up.

Tears threatened but she held them at bay. FocusShe took a deep breath, and looked at the documents she had been discussing with Nina. Her phone rang, it was Mbaki. He was probably anxious, she did not have the heart to answer. She hung up and texted positive.  His reply was fast, we will get through it together babeKadija smiled and thought of her mother’s words after she had met Mbaki, ‘You have picked well my daughter.’

Nina came back and they discussed work, Kadija immersed herself in work and forgot her ‘big news’. Nina looked at her co-leader, something was different about her, but decided not to probe. Kadija would tell her when she was ready.

Mbaki was waiting for her when she arrived at the garage. He went straight to the driver’s seat and took her out of the car. Mbaki hugged his wife tightly, and gently caressed the small hairs on the back of her neck. She allowed a few tears. ‘ I KNOW this was not a part of the plan babe but, we will work on a plan. Also you just got promoted and the garage is doing really well these days. We will make it.’ He whispered in her ear.

They got home and Mbaki ran a hot bath for her with essential oils smells filling the room with  beautiful smells and the candles providing a dim light. He massaged Kadija’s neck and back as she sat in the bath. ‘Thank you babe. This was not necessary but thank you.’ Kadija said smiling as she faced him.

‘The night is still young. Let’s get dressed. I have a surprise for you. Put on that black number I like.’ Mbaki replied teasingly, as he winked at his wife.

Kadija could not see a thing, Mbaki has blindfolded her, she sat in her seat curious, and at the same time giddy with excitement. The car stopped. They had arrived. She stopped herself before she squealed like a five year old.

Mbaki opened the door for her and held her hand. He led her somewhere and undid the blindfold. Kadija looked around, there were lanterns, a table set for two with her favorite candles. It looked absolutely stunning as light merged with darkness. She had so many questions but knew they were not important in that moment. She took a deep breathe, taking in the beauty and thoughtfulness of the man in her life. She then threw herself in Mbaki’s arms and gave him a passionate kiss, and they both committed to it, and enjoyed that sweet moment.

The next day Mbaki got a call early in the morning. It was one of his sisters. Kadija watched as the emotions on his face changed. He hung up and told her the news, ‘Mother collapsed, and they have rushed her to Princess Marina Hospital.’


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Sorry it took so long. I have just been quite busy. Enjoy and look out for the next one in about a week. Thank you for reading. I welcome and appreciate all feedback.



© 2017 Sharon. M


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