You know it! It is that day again when we crush on our writers and enjoy every word and sentence. Everyday is a Writer’s crush day after all. This story is especially wonderful for me to publish as it was written by my baby, my child. I may not have birthed her, but I have been there for here since she was in Primary School, I have watched her grow from a baby to a now budding young girl, moving onto ladyhood. She has 2 years left before she proceeds to Tertiary School, she is an ‘A’ student, not only intelligent but she is very beautiful and has the most wonderful personality. Conversations with her are a joy, and just like me she LOVES reading! I introduce my KUTLO to you. Read and enjoy!


It has been almost two years ever since we moved to our housing estate and the talk about a known chauffeur has been the top of the news at the neighborhood almost every day.

Whether you get scolded, appraised or advised, for sure the matter is to be associated with the used to be chauffeur. Therefore I became intrigued and befriended a lot of neighbors on the block. The next thing I know is I had a bunch of friends my age; the thing is I never thought some of them existed because they were always inside their houses only kids below ten or so gallivanted the street every day.

From bits and pieces I have heard, the chit chats showed me that indeed Mr. Omswenko’s story is rather compelling and that he is a prestigious man. As I remember, Mr. Omswenko’s background – he comes from Ethiopia and was married to a woman named Sarah who bore twins for him, Emmett and Elle. Unfortunately Sarah died a few weeks after the twin’s birth, after the autopsy it was found that she had died because of an undiagnosed bone cancer which was worsened by the pregnancy of the twins.

Mr. Omswenko had a hard time coping, he mourned his wife’s death like he had nothing left in the world. However his mother was there for him and supported him by staying with his kids while he had to leave his current job and find a decent job somewhere else to care for his children. Without luck there was no vacant decent job in the city at the moment, so he decided to leave the country to find work elsewhere. Therefore Mr. Omswenko worked as a sailor on a ship to South Africa which took almost like five months to reach there.

When he arrived in South Africa he had a hard time finding a job moreover he did not have shelter over him so he slept on the streets. He lived on the streets for two months until during the fall he was lucky and was employed at several farms around the country, harvesting pomegranates, apples, oranges and some fruits for the whole season. The salary helped him to rent a room and sent some back home in Ethiopia for his kids. What seems shocking to me is that it is said that Mr. Omswenko was an art teacher back in Ethiopia just that it was not providing much money to fend for the whole family that is why Omswenko had to leave the country. But the thought of a teacher leaving his job to become a fruit picker was very offensive but that is not where the story ends.

After the harvesting season ended he was jobless and rumors around the country were that the locals were becoming more xenophobic, so Mr. Omswenko found it better to move to Botswana. With the little money left he was able to rent a room but he went office to office to find a job without luck found nothing. Every day he woke up before the traffic started, jumped into the chilly atmosphere to job search and the afternoon arrived with the scorching sun that burnt him every day.

Sometimes he thought nobody wanted to hire him, so some days he stayed back home and made some rough sketches of drawing on his art book which was some sort of canvas book. One morning he decided to check the junior schools to check for the post of a driver. For he was a great driver and fancied cars to a great deal which I could say it’s an innate trait that most males have. All the schools he went to had nothing to offer, and when he was about to give up, one school offered to hire him as the janitor. Since beggars can’t be choosers, he took the job at once and started the next morning.

Hours turned into days, and by that time he had already made friends with the staff. He was also becoming the students’ best member of the staff and they showed him respect a great deal. He became best friends with this beautiful English teacher- Zoila, that they even went out on weekends. They became quite close friends, and she always invited Omswenko to church. And that is when he started learning about God and learnt to love the Lord Jesus.

One weekend when he was walking at the mall, he saw a big shot lawyer whom he had often seen in newspapers in the staff room. He was bellowing at his phone to someone who seemed to be his assistant. Mr. Omswenko approached to find out what the man’s problem was, at first the lawyer wanted to chase away Omswenko but he decided to be patient and told him that his chauffeur had ditched him. With this, instead of seeing it as a problem he saw it as an opportunity for a job. Then he offered the man to drive him, without hesitation the man gave Omswenko the keys for his mini limo.

Omswenko arrived at Mr. Banister’s building in a swift. One could say Mr. Banister was really impressed for he was two minutes early for his next meeting, with this Mr. Banister hired Mr. Omswenko before he disappeared into the large court. Since Omswenko had been hired in a swift he waited for Mr. Banister’s meeting to end so that they could go through the formalities. Monday morning came and Omswenko told the school the great news, the school was hurt for they were losing one of the most treasured people in the school especially the students themselves were hurt.

However they let him go because they knew it was for the best.  Once Zoila heard the news, she was scared of the thought of not working with him again as her heart had grown fond of him, but she got over it after she agreed with Mr. Omswenko that they would meet on the weekends. After hearing that Omswenko would be working as a chauffeur, his family back in Ethiopia was happier than ever, especially that he got a decent and more paying job than the previous one. Mr. Banister seemed like an angry and arrogant man, but I guess Mr. Omswenko changed him; it wasn’t easy at all to make him have a change of heart and his attitude. But as he chatted with Omswenko on his drive to work and Mr. Banister got to know about Mr. Omswenko’s story, which was his turning point. After some mano-a-mano chat with Omswenko he learnt to love The Lord Jesus and started going to church.

One night after Mr. Omswenko had dropped Mr. Banister, while he was on his way home; there was a car behind him swerving. So he moved aside for the car and it went past by him, until it swerved straight out of the road into the woods. As Omswenko had been watching the car, he parked beside the road and ran to it. Inside it he found an old man, he got him outside but the old man kept murmuring something and kept pointing at something in the car. Once Omswenko had took out the old lad far from the car, he ran back to the car and found a wood basket on the passenger seat so he picked it up.

Immediately after Omswenko was a few steps away from the car, the car exploded before it was ablaze. Luckily Omswenko survived being scraped with the car parts that were flying in the atmosphere after the explosion. Then he hurriedly picked the old lad who by now seemed unconscious, he put him into the mini limo as well as his basket. They arrived at the hospital in just a blink, and the old man was sent to the emergency room. Since he had been taught good manners, he waited until he was told how the old man was doing. The doctor came and told him that he was stable, so Omswenko promised to come back the next day;

In the morning after he had dropped Mr. Banister at the court, he hurried to the hospital, the old man was now conscious. Omswenko returned the old man’s wood basket, and before he left the room the old man stopped him. He thanked him really much for saving his life, but he could see in Omswenko’s eyes that he was curious to know what was inside the basket. Therefore he opened the basket and took out its contents, first it was a picture of somewhat an Italian lady in her sixties and the old man kissed the picture and told Omswenko that it was his wife. That’s when the old man poured out all his biography, with letters from the basket to compel with it.

Briefly, the old man and the Italian lady had married at a young age. The old man was an art collector but worked at a certain industry. The Italian lady who happened to be Carmen, really liked kids that they lived in teaching them at a nearby elementary school. The lady loved those children like they were her own, but the sad part is she was barren, and that hurt her every night that she had to go to bed without kissing her own child on the head, or reading them a bed time story. Nevertheless her husband Ronald loved her still, his burning love for her never ended. However they never lost faith in their loving God and always gave their devotion to Him before bed. The years passed by and age caught up with them, poor Carmen died in her early sixties because of the misery of not having a child.

After being heartbroken, Ronaldo moved to a foreign country, and that happened to be Botswana. He moved with all his belongings, even Carmen’s things too, because she had entrusted all her belongings to Ronaldo. Until to this day Ronaldo has been a lonely old man, and that’s when the nurse entered the room to give Ronaldo his final dose. Days turned to weeks, as Omswenko visited Ronaldo at his house as he had been discharged. Ronaldo’s house was great; the architect of the house had designed it brilliantly. But the interior was boring because of the dark colours, which was because of his mourning. Ronaldo became friends with Omswenko, and one can say that Omswenko learnt a lot from him.

After what seemed like almost two years, Omswenko had to go back home because there was no one to care for them now as his mother had just passed. Omswenko buried his mother the next day and took the kids with him. They had grown and were happy to finally be reunited with their father. When he reached Botswana, the kids were so amazed of the place. When the kids arrived there, it was kind of tough for them to fit in but at the end got better. The kids were very fond of their father’s friends especially Zoila, it was so because they had been enrolled at the Junior Secondary where Zoila taught. Even Ronaldo enjoyed their company; he spoiled them every time they visited him. I guess he took them as his grandchildren as he considered Omswenko as a son.

With Omswenko and his kids, all that was needed to complete them was a wife and a mother. Therefore one night Omswenko invited Zoila to a dinner date in order to propose to her, first he ordered one of those haute cuisine and they enjoyed every bit of it. It might sound cliché but it was romantic and after their entrée he bowed on one leg and everyone in the restaurant turned their eyes on the couple. Zoila didn not know what to do as she was surprised but ended up saying ‘yes!’ before Omswenko finished popping the question. The wedding was to be celebrated at the end of the year. Ronaldo was so happy but he did not make it for the wedding because two weeks before the wedding day he passed on. It was such a tragic moment for those who knew him especially Mr. Omswenko. But Ronaldo had told them to celebrate his death with the memories he shared with them rather than mourning.

Then the wedding day arrived, Zoila was beautiful in her white satin gown, it was so glamorous, everything was well set. The day was marvelous everyone loved and enjoyed it. A week later, two days before Christmas they received a letter from Ronaldo’s lawyer, he was inviting them for an auction of Ronaldo’s things as he had written in his will that he wants them auctioned. The next day they went to the auction, a lot of people came, even those they never knew existed in Ronaldo’s life. As the auction began everyone took their seats, first it started out as Ronaldo’s wife, Carmen, her portrait. Nobody saw it as much of a value, that the highest bid was a hundred Pula, with this Omswenko remembered that Ronaldo loved his wife dearly so buying the portrait would be an honor, so he offered a ten thousand Pula for the painting, everyone in the room gasped at the thought that he was buying the portrait for that much money. While he went to the office to down his payment, people waited for him to return, so when the auctioneer was about to continue Ronaldo’s lawyer stopped him and announced that the auction was over. Everyone was just awed, or should I say struck with shock, to explain himself he took out a note that Ronaldo wrote.

It said;

Dear everyone,

I believe that everyone is shocked with this, but the only way to explain myself is that whosoever buys my wife’s portrait, you have made me happy as I want her to be cherished. My wife was the most precious thing that ever happened in my life and who buys her portrait shall receive all that I owned and the auction ends


Everyone turned to Omswenko and started to offer him hundreds of thousands to buy the portrait from him. But Omswenko was too dazed by the news that he did not hear anything they were saying, finally when he came to his senses Ronaldo’s lawyer was shaking Omswenko’s hand and took him to another office to sign for the things he inherited. Omswenko had been blessed by the Lord and he quit his job as a chauffeur and built up an art gallery or should I say a museum. He managed it well, it was almost like he had gone to business school.

Now Mr. Omswenko is the one who owns the largest estate in our street. Everyone loves him and as I hear his daughter just got engaged at Essex in America and his son Emmett is a civil engineer in Edinburgh. Now he and his Zoila care for his third child who is my age and we have become quite good friends these days. I can see that Mr. Omswenko’s faith never failed him because even though he moved from living in the streets he now lives in a mansion with his family. Now I hear he’s opening an art gallery to encourage artists to show their potential. After I heard all of this it got me thinking about how I picture my life. That is when I started being open to the Lord and put both my faith and trust in Him so that He can provide me with wisdom and all the good fruitful results by living according to His will. Amen.


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Thank you for taking time to ready my baby’s work. Feedback is most welcome.




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