My heart was beating out of my chest, a week had passed. They said to check my email after a week. So I waited, 7 whole days, and then I typed out gmail. I took a breath, inhaling the crisp air, and i breathed out hot air as I logged in.

I closed my eyes and hoped and prayed for the best. Then I opened them and checked, Nothing! My chest was pounding so hard, it must be a mistake! I checked under SPAM & JUNK, Nothing.

The emptiness came, the pit in the bottom of my heart when I realized that I did not make it, I was not even close. It was safe to assume that i was one of the Rejected. When I saw the list of successful applicants, I knew that indeed I had not made it.

Am I not good enough?

Had I not edited enough?

Who am I Kidding thinking I can write?

Am I even a Writer?

All these negative thoughts swerved around in my head, and I wanted to cry, but I refused to cry. I gathered my strength and smiled. I will keep on applying, keep entering competitions and Always keep writing. I will not stop, its a part of me, it is me.

Rejection is painful, and there is a level of shame that you feel with it. It is okay to feel feel discouraged, and let down for a little while. What is not okay is moping in those feelings, letting them absorb you to the point where negative takes over positive.

Rejection is just Redirection, Write about something else. Try again and keep on trying. One day I will get that email that acknowledges me, that let’s me know I made it. Till then I will chase it, till I get it.

Are you feeling low today? Keep your head up, Smile, feel the sunshine or dance in the rain. Keep on doing you, soon, just soon enough you will get there. You will feel that ‘high’ again.


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6 thoughts on “Rejection

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  1. The shame that comes with it is so real.
    I found a picture in my archives that was of a period I felt so ashamed. If I shared that picture, you wouldn’t even believe it…coz I was in a graduation gown, with my family and smiling!


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