In her eyes

She opens her eyes early in the morning,

Gets up on tummy time and proceeds to sit down.

Then she smiles at me,

Clapping her hands at the same time.

So much light in her eyes,

You can see she is so excited to be up.

I scoop her up in my arms and say

‘Kiss kiss’ she pouts and gives me a kiss.


In her eyes I see my tomorrows.

I see hope,

And a love for me.

She depends on me,

Looks up to me.


In her eyes I see happiness.

I see so much joy,

And a willingness to learn.

Everything fascinates her,

And makes her happy.


In her eyes I see a gift.

I see what God gave me.

Someone to love me,

A baby girl just for me.

She is my Angel.


In her eyes I see a hunger.

A never die spirit.

She accepts every challenge,

And teaches me so much about life.

Her enthusiasm for life amazes me every time.

She is my Sunshine.


In her eyes  I see everything.

She is my everything,

Little Miss Sunshine.

In her eyes I see an amazing wonder.

I see me,

And I am superwoman,

I am Mommy.

She is my miracle.


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© 2017 Sharon. M


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