Baby Blues VI

Mbaki dropped Kadija at her workplace and rushed to Princess Marina Hospital. When he got to the emergency room he saw his sisters. Both were in tears, they are mourning her even before she is dead.

He looked at them, both were slurring their words and could not even walk straight. They were drunk, probably been partying all night making new babies. ‘What happened to my mother?’ he asked for what seemed like the tenth time.

‘We found her like that. The kids said she just fell. We heard the paramedic saying something about a heart attack.’ Kagelelo answered. Naletsana just bit her nails in frustration, he saw the fear in her eyes.

The Doctor came to them, she looked so young. ‘Good Morning, I am Doctor Morwalela. Are you Mma Sechaba’s children.’ His sisters nodded at her in between their crying. Mbaki just looked at her trying to read her face. She may have been young but she knew how to mask her emotions like a doctor with lots of experience. ‘Your mother suffered a sever heart attack, which sadly she may not recover from, she would like to see you all. She is currently stable but I will only allow a few minutes. Please follow me.’ They followed her.

Their mother was in a dimly lit room. She was weak and had many drips attached to her small frail body. When Naletsana and Kagelelo saw her, they each sobered up quickly. ‘Mommy it is me Kagi.’ Kagelelo said as both she and Naletsana clung on tight to her hands.

Mma Sechaba signaled for water and they gave her a cup, most of it seemed to spill onto the sheets. She  sighed deeply, ‘Mbaki I am so sorry my son. We burdened you too much. We resented your wife. Keep loving her and live your life.’ Mbaki’s eyes grew bigger with shock. Death really makes people see the truth. The old woman took another deep breath and continued, ‘Kagelelo and Naletsana I coddled you both when all you did was riddle me with children and your responsibilities. It is time you both grew up. You are not your brother’s responsibility.’ Naletsana and Kagelelo cried out all the more, they both started pleading, but their mother may have been weak but she kept firm.

Mma Sechaba called Mbaki to her side. ‘Tell Kadija I love her. I ahave always loved her because she was yours.I was just scared and intimidated that she would compete for you attention with me. Tell her that I am sorry.’ She took another breath, and seemed to be struggling with breathing. Her eyes were closing slowly, she opened them wide again with much effort, ‘Tell your sister, Same (the one in the USA)… that I love her so much. I drove her away with my behavior. I wrote letters to her but never posted them. Find them in my dresser Mbaki and post them.’ She looked at her daughters, ‘Tell my grandchildren to study hard.’

The machines atrated beeping loudly. Doctor Morwalela and two nurses came rushing inside. Mbaki and his sisters were asked to step out. He kissed his mother’s forehead. he understood what was happening, They were trying to revive her.


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