Counting down to 1 Year

My little angel will be 1 year in just 7days! I am so excited for her, she is growing bigger and mentally too, reaching different milestones everyday. A HUGE part of who I am is being a mother, and she has taught me that the human heart Always has space for more love.

Everyday I look at her and tell her how much I love her, every chance I get I just say ‘Minion, Mommy loves you so much.’ She smiles probably wondering what I am on about but it doesn’t matter because I said it, I told her. I never want her to ever feel unloved.

I want her to know her parents love her, that she is our world, and everything dear to us. A gift that God has given us, our own mini-us! I am counting down to your first birthday my Ratwa, and I pray for you my darling, I pray for you everyday.

Always know this, God loves you more. After God, Daddy & Mommy Love you too. I can’t wait for your first birthday, I can’t wait to sing to you and watch you take your first steps. Just A week left!!! Eeeeek! Mommy is definitely more excited than everyone else in the house!


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Love Always, Always & Always,

Mommy xxxxxxxxxx


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