True Love & Mature Relationships

Yes it is another Writer’s Crush Everyday. We have a very special guest here. A dear friend of mine, I asked her to write something yesterday and you know what? She literally wrote this yesterday, that is pure heart! Kutemwa (Kutie) Kara Mazala I love that you are willing to support me in this endeavor, thank you for your contribution to this blog!

So without further ado I present to you, the work of my friend Kutie!

True love is like ghosts which everybody talks about and few have seen. Its stories never have endings. One sign that you can know this is true love is that it is unconditional regardless of health status and wealth. These days you will find that very few people love genuinely. True love is genuine and makes you feel good about your partner.

A mature relationship is where two different people become best friends and love each other unconditionally regardless of the other person’s temperaments. True love easily forgives. As a couple is important to be able to sort differences within 24hrs, do not go to bed not talking, and be able to talk about anything there should be no lies or dark secrets. Your partner is the best person to confide in and can rarely reveal your deepest secrets or thoughts to a third party. Surrender your relationship to God and ask Him for wisdom to guide you through your love life. Bear in mind that no one is perfect, take your partner as they are and do not try to change them unless they really have to change. Accept your partner’s weaknesses and do not nag or make a big deal out of it. How you react in case of a dispute can bring your partner close or push them further away and that is fatal. Learn to do all things together and respect one another. Pray for one another fervently. Be there for one another in good and bad times. Avoid running to third parties in case of a difference, try to sort it out between both of you unless the issue is kind of complicated. People will only rejoice in your sadness so it is better cry to God.

True love is also able to wipe your pain away. Do not think all men or women are the same, sometimes God brings the wrong people to improve our character. Everything happens for a reason, do not despair, when the right partner comes you will know for sure. True love brings the best out of you and supports you through your goals. It is not overly jealous nor insecure. Do not close your heart to what is meant to be, just give yourself time to heal and move on to something better. As a couple avoid sharing deep sensitive secrets about each other to family or friends, it better you just accept it as it is, sometimes people can only destroy your relationship. True love knows no religion in case you and your partner congregate at different churches or congregations you can still make it work if you really want to. Do not compare your relationship to that of others we are all different in God’s image.  Appreciate the little things your partner does for you because you will only realize how important they are when they are gone. It is a blessing to have true love do not take it for granted.

Love, Kutie

Happy Reading. She even included a picture of herself, how sweet is that? 

pic credit: Kutemwa


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