I Can’t let go yet…

When the times comes, will I be able to let go? Is there ever a time to let go of someone? There can't be... My grandfather has been dead for over a decade, My grandmother too. But I still hold them deep in my heart. There were like jewels in my life, shining and sparking... Continue Reading →

On the Other side of the Rainbow

Compounded by feelings of darkness, everywhere I turn I feel lost, I feel like I failed all the tests. Now I am failing the exam, overwhelmed by the struggles and numerous obstacles. So many closed doors slamming in my face, am I not worthy? How do I get to the other side of the rainbow?... Continue Reading →

The Laugh

His laugh was golden. Like summer mulberries. #SevenLetterWordStory #Laughter&Happiness pic credit: hellawella.com  

Failing Love

We failed each other's love . Quietly. Silently. #SevenLetterStory #HeartFailings pic credit: purehoneymagazine.com

Losing Baby

She touched her stomach, Silently and gently, Speaking in a low undertone to her unborn baby. Mommy loves you baby. You are my everything. Baby woke up and kicked a little, Like saying -¬†I love you too Mommy. She smiled sweetly. She pressed a flutter of kisses to the stomach. Weeks passed, Every day Baby... Continue Reading →

Of Soul Touching Friends

There are friends that not only touch your person but they touch your spirit, your soul and the very depths that make you human. They show you again and again that it will be okay, they encourage and build you up. Every time they talk to you they show kindness, generosity, love, and best of... Continue Reading →

Some Monday Loving

So we crush all day everyday! Please enjoy another post from Kutemwa! I hope this Monday is all red! No blue Mondays today! Keep smiling. Keep on Loving! Love is the beautiful song in your heart that starts from the moment you meet. It's finding the one meant especially for you who makes your whole... Continue Reading →

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