Maturity & Social Media

Hello Everyone, so my friend Kutie has written more and more articles for this blog. I am so excited for you to read them, it’s like inspiration has hit her big time,. Perhaps MsLyricwriter is her muse? Please read and enjoy! Comments are also highly appreciated! Lastly please note all views are Kutemwa’s. 

Maturity is the ability to live joyfully in an imperfect world. It begins when all the drama ends. It is not measured by age, but by an attitude built on experience. It starts when you stop making excuses and start making changes. One of the blessings of maturity is that social media should never be used as a diary to broadcast your extremely personal issues or disputes. Social media has created jealous behavior over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that do not even exist. A sign of maturity is being deeply hurt by someone but not making a fuss about it on social media.

It is tempting to put every good blessing or every bad thing that happens in your life on social media. Beware not everyone means well for you, they may even be encouraging you to do bad to others or praising you but little do you know what they say behind your back. Once you hear it, it can be so disturbing. Do not be in the habit of boasting about your life on social media, at times you open doors for danger because what you reveal may come back to haunt you or even endanger your life i.e. posting pictures of your children or partners may have them killed.

Social media should be used as a platform to encourage and inspire others not spite others. We are living in a cruel world with diseases like HIV/AIDS. Even if you hear your enemy is suffering from it or you may have have heard something from your friends or relatives it is not your job to start posting it all over social media, you simply show how childish and immature you are. In common cases of disputes do not be in the habit of posting it all over social media. A mature person will confront the offender privately and sort out the issue amicably.

Traditionally it is very wrong to reveal every little detail or dispute that goes on in your life because not all mean well. You do not know what thoughts they have or what they may say can dent your personal image so beware. Social media should be a platform to socialize with friends or relatives who are far away and maybe you cannot manage to always call or visit them. People who always want to broadcast their issues on social media are regarded as childish and immature.

It is not wrong maybe to show a few details about your life like if you got married so your loved ones know, not for the purpose of spiting others. To be quite frank, at times we are all judged by what we display on social media and once people know you as a childish person your reputation is ruined. It is better to ask God for the gift of maturity and what to post on social media. Even after a dispute then you disgrace the person on social media it will bring more harm than good. You may think you are teaching them a lesson but it only shows how immature you are and may further provoke the situation.

Maturity is a priceless gift from God and sadly like common sense very few people have it. It is such a pity and it breaks my heart to see some childish and immature remarks on social media. As Christians we should mind how we share or solve disputes, how you sort it out can either earn you great respect or ruin your testimony forever.


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2 thoughts on “Maturity & Social Media

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  1. Very true.
    Almost everything that is good also has a bad side and we must always learn how to maintain a good balance. While others are using social media for a lot of good, others are also being too carefree…and in the end soiling their reputations and those of others. Reputation must always be guarded in every circle…including social media.
    Good thoughts Kutemwa.
    And lots of thanks for sharing, @mslyricwriter.

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