Accepting Correction

Hello Again,  its me Shaz. This is another piece from my friend Kutemwa! Remember yesterday I mentioned that she went on a writing spree! Well here is another piece she wrote. Comments are also highly appreciated! Lastly please note all views are Kutemwa’s. Remember on this blog we Crush on writers everyday of the week!

No matter who we are we must accept correction and change for the better. You cannot correct your mistakes by pointing out the mistakes of others. For someone to approach you over your wrongs means they care about you. Remember a true friend will stab you in the front. Do not be defensive or insult when confronted even when the mistakes are so evident you lose nothing but gain more wisdom by accepting correction. You may end up losing valuable relationships because of pride.

A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment. Be humble to see your mistakes, courageous to admit them and wise enough to correct them. I personally am a living testimony of a person who thought was always right and very stubborn but I thank God for all those who corrected me out of love and changed me into a better person and for those still doing so. To the mature coaches in my life I forever remain indebted to you and respect you greatly because you have never gone behind my back but decided to approach me. i have great respect for you because you never talked behind. I am still not perfect and am very open to wise counsel till the day I die and close my eyes into glory land God willing. It is not easy to accept correction but just do it though at times the truth may be harsh or hurt but it makes you change into a more responsible person.

Remember that first of all it is other people who see your mistakes or weaknesses not yourself, they are more like your mirror of advice. You do not solve a thing by answering back or insulting while being corrected nicely, instead you will lose amazing relationships and no one will want to associate with such a stubborn fellow or even if they do, most will talk ill behind you and if you heard it you may be hurt or it may affect your life in a negative manner. The choice is yours to either accept correction or be so stubborn. Always be humble and learn to apologize and say thank you for correction by word of mouth, and lastly by changing your actions.
When a person remains complaining because you were too stubborn to admit your wrongs,  and make things right it shall never be well with you. God will bless you abundantly for being willing to accept wise counsel.
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