Succeeding On Purpose

The very first book review will be courtesy of the hubbz! Surprisingly enough… I am the reader in this family, or so I thought? Please READ, LIKE, COMMENT. I appreciate all the support.

This is the first book I have ever read and finished within 24 hours of getting it. Even my wife was surprised. (By the way that has nothing to do with it being only 89 pages long- because they are 89 soul searching, thought provoking and action inspiring pages). It is a book for those who lost all hope and sense of direction as much as it is for one who has just had a refreshed sense of self worth and purpose. I say so because, for any who finds themselves worthless by the time they are a few pages in they will start realising that the are worth more than all the silver and gold, the world has to offer for they are unique and have a unique purpose no one else could ever fulfill. For the one who has just discovered themselves, it an affirmation in black and white of that which you can achieve if you set your mind to exploiting your full potential in doing what you were born to do. Succeeding on purpose is a result of taking a series of deliberate choices to be who you were born to be, that is what the book is about.
But please don’t just take it from me grab a copy and find out for yourself.
 pic credit: himself

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