Baby Blues VII

It has been awhile. I know. Without further ado I present the Seventh installation of the series simply coined Baby Blues. Enjoy.

Thank you for the support. A special shout out to those following this series:  Josey,  Kearoma, TheSupperMommyOfTwins, Godgirl, Fortunate,  Mandy, DaintyM & McApple . I see all the love you give back to this series, I appreciate it more than you can ever know. God bless you!


Twenty minutes later Dr Morwalela came to them, this time all her emotions showed. ‘I am so sorry, we lost her. You mother has died.’ Naletsana and Kagelelo cried even harder. Mbaki stood up and shook the doctor’s hand reassuring her, ‘ you did all you could.’

‘The death certificate will be ready in a hour. Will you wait for it?’ Mbaki nodded, he needed it for insurance purposes. He followed the doctor to make the arrangements for getting the body from the hospital’s mortuary to the funeral parlor.

He checked his phone as he walked. Three missed calls from babe. He let her know he would see her at lunch time and would tell her everything. Mbaki then called Lynn’s Funeral Parlor to make all the necessary arrangements.

Doctor Morwalela invited him to wait in her office, as the certificate took longer than expected. ‘Thank you for reassuring me earlier. Oops I do not even know you name.’ She said handing him a cup of coffee, gazing at his wedding ring. The good ones are always taken.

He accepted the coffee, he needed the pick me up ‘my name is Mbaki, and yours is?’

‘Meredith. Please don’t think it’s corny.’ She then laughed and added ‘my mother was was part Welsh. It is such a grown up name.’

Mbaki just laughed, ‘You made me laugh. Why do you have to narrate such a story in relation to your name. I thought it was a lovely name when you said it. Ke a le rata.  I like it.’

She just smiled and shyly gazed at him, you need to stop. Remember what happened last time. This is not you! He is a married man. She quickly faced her desk and pretended to sort out the paperwork. ‘Thank you Mbaki.’

‘When I first saw you I thought you looked too young to be a doctor. It amazed me, how someone so young could have so much power.’ Mbaki spoke.

Meredith avoided his gaze, ‘Well… I was one of those so-called genius children. I jumped two grades in school and here I am.’ She saw that he was done with his coffee and added ‘let me get that cup.’

She proceeded to take it from his arms and tripped over a small hole in the carpeting of her floor. Oh no! I am going to fall. Mbaki put the cup down quickly and dashed to her, managing just to grab her waist before she fell.

The door opened. There was a knock on the door, and someone entered, ‘Mba…’ Her words disappeared when she saw what was before her…


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Tune in next week to find out what happens. Who is at the door?


© 2017 Sharon. M


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