Baby Blues VIII

Hey y’all! I have been a bit AWOL but I am back now! Hopefully back to stay? Please catch the eighth chapter of this series! ENJOY and thank you for reading and all the feedback!

Kadija had walked in, and found her husband’s hand suggestively dropped over another woman’s waist. She stared at the hand, eyes blazing with fury, trying hard to calm herself, you know Mbaki loves you.

Mbaki quickly let go and Meredith was forced to steady herself with the table. ‘Babe this is Mer… Doctor Morwalela. She helped mother. Doctor, this is my wife Kadija.’

Meredith held out her hand to shake Kadija’s, ‘pleased to meet you.’ Kadija grudgingly shook her hand and nodded.

You could have cut the tension with a butter knife. There was a knock on the door and everyone seemed to breath a sigh of relief. It was an orderly, ‘doctor here is the death certificate you requested.’ Meredith accepted the documents in the file and checked them. The orderly left just as swiftly as he entered.

Meredith put the documents in an envelope and handed them to Mbaki. Kadija looked at the envelope then at Mbaki. She stopped short of asking anything, lest she looked ignorant.

Mbaki thanked the doctor with a quickly handshake and they walked out. Kadija walked quickly to the emergency room where Mbaki’s sisters were leaving him behind. He looked at her sadly and knew she was mad, who wouldn’t be after what she saw? He knew he would be too if he ever caught her in such a compromising position. He would need to explain, she was a reasonable woman, she would see reason.


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