Encouragement from the Lord

Today is a hard-ish day. Things are not going so well. On some days like this I feel discouraged, sad, and weighed down by the problems of this world. On days like this, I yearn for the glory days to come, where problems will be a thing of the past. A place where everything and everyone is irrelevant except the Lord.

What do you do when you feel down? I pray, I cry out to my Lord and tell Him about where it it hurts, He already knows but I tell Him anyway. I ask for guidance, for help. I ask for the wisdom to make right decisions. I lean on Him, He has told me that no burden is too hard or difficult for Him in His word.

I also write, like I am doing now. I write out the pain so I don’t feel it as much. It’s most therapeutic. It may not solve my problems, but it makes me feel better.

I read too. Just now I thought of a verse in the Bible about David (The man after God’s own heart), ‘…but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.’ 1 Samuel 30 v 6, KJV. Then I thought I can do that too. I can encourage myself in the Lord and He will encourage me.

Hard days can turn into weeks, months and sometimes years. But your attitude to them is what is important, it is the difference between whether you survive or not. Sometimes I like hard days because they make me love and appreciate the good days more. They need to happen in order for me to grow, for you to grow.

Today is a hard-ish day but  this too shall pass. Tomorrow will be better. And when the week is over, I will look back and see that I survived Monday.

How’s your Monday?


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