Of Soul Touching Friends

There are friends that not only touch your person but they touch your spirit, your soul and the very depths that make you human. They show you again and again that it will be okay, they encourage and build you up. Every time they talk to you they show kindness, generosity, love, and best of all they really see you!

I am blessed with such friends, who I can talk to about anything and everything. They listen, they advice and they see me through, holding my hand throughout the whole process. I could write books and books about them, but for now this short article will have to suffice.

I am thankful for you (you know who you are)! Yesterday was not easy, but by the end of the day I was calmer, had some happiness within me and my heart full of love. A love for you. God bless these type of friends who uplift, build, bridge gaps and keep on loving, proving that there are still good friends out there, that there are still good humans out there.

Such friends are GOLD. Such friends are in fact more than friends, they are FAMILY.


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©2017 Sharon. M


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