Losing Baby

She touched her stomach,

Silently and gently,

Speaking in a low undertone to her unborn baby.

Mommy loves you baby. You are my everything.

Baby woke up and kicked a little,

Like saying – I love you too Mommy.

She smiled sweetly.

She pressed a flutter of kisses to the stomach.

Weeks passed,

Every day Baby Rainbow grew and grew.

One fateful day,

She did not feel the kicks.


She touched her stomach,

With fear of the unknown and unsteady hands.


She curled up in a ball,

Something was wrong, she felt it.

Baby Rainbow was gone.

The doctor only confirmed what she already knew.

When they took him out,

She screamed,

She cried,

She kicked,

Finally when she was spent she assumed the fetal position.

Her lifeline was gone,

She slowly and quietly breathed her last.


pic credit: thriftyniftymommy.com


© 2017 Sharon. M



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