Baby Blues IX

I hope you have all been enjoying this series. Here is the ninth installation of this Baby Blues series. You can find the eighth here.

Mbaki called his uncle and delivered the news, the old man sighed and said, ‘se ileng sa bo se ile. O ntlogetse ke le nosi MmaSechaba.’ (What’s gone is gone. I am all alone now).

They scheduled a family meeting at 5pm, at MmaSechaba’s home in Mogoditshane. Mbaki informed his sisters about it and carefully stressed they need to be there, then he informed the other relatives. All in all there were not many people to call, as so many had died over the years. The hardest call he was saving for last, the call to America.

Mbaki, his wife and his sisters drove to Main Mall and he went to Botswana Life while the ladies went to KFC as Kadija wanted their Oreo Krusher. He figured she was craving it, but was not sure as she was not talking to him. The Insurance company processed his documents and old him that it would take 24hrs for the money to be credited to his account. P 40, 000.00 a small fortune.

He called Kadija when he was done but she didn’t answer so he tried Naletsana who told him they were about to leave KFC. Mbaki rushed over to them to find them walking out with individual Krushers and KFC  bags. ‘No Krusher for me?’ He asked.

‘No. Did you want one?’ Kadija asked sweetly. She was baiting him, he knew the signs and the look but continued to nod anyway. ‘Hmm. you want so many sweet things these days don’t you Mbaki?’ He slowly shook his head.

She then stretched out her hand, and he looked puzzled. ‘Car keys, We will wait in the car whilst you buy one.’ He handed them over and walked into KFC.  How do I get back into your good graces?

They arrived in Mogoditshane shortley and the children rushed out of tthe house, still in their school uniforms. They danced and sang as Kadija waled into the yard with the KFC bags, ‘Mmamalome ka KFC!’ (Uncle’s wife has brought us KFC).

Tune in next week for more… Thank you for all your support!


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©2017 Sharon. M


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