On the Other side of the Rainbow

Compounded by feelings of darkness,

everywhere I turn I feel lost,

I feel like I failed all the tests.

Now I am failing the exam,

overwhelmed by the struggles and numerous obstacles.

So many closed doors slamming in my face,

am I not worthy?

How do I get to the other side of the rainbow?

There I will find the elusive pot of gold,

that is a symbol of happiness, joy and sunny smiles.

There is no more snappy looks, sad melancholy faces,

Just eyes glistening with tears of laughter.

Where I am colored red, yellow and maybe orange?

With a dash of blue, indigo and green,

Or maybe I will be bold enough to be violet?

That color so close to purple,

so I can array myself in colors of royalty and no longer fret.

I am undone,

because it hurts to the point of no return.

My tears have come to be a norm,

a sure thing just as sure as the fact that Botswana is mostly sand.

Where can I find Solace?

Lord is that you?

Have a fallen so far away from you that I don’t even see you standing there.

Your hands outstretched for me.

In You I will seek solace no man can ever give me.

I don’t feel my light anymore,

darkness has masked everything.

Help me,

before I turn into a monster.

I know You will be there on the other side of the rainbow,

and there may I find everything I ever needed.


pic: pinterest.com


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