Some Days

Some days are like a baptism of fire It's hard just to get up Just the thought of getting out of bed hurts Thinking of what lies ahead   Some days are like a battlefield I wake up all wounded from yesterday's battle But yet I have to take on another battle I have to be... Continue Reading →

And Then She Exhaled

So many times as women we tend to do so much. We work ourselves to the bone; whether its at work, home and anywhere else. We rarely find time to Woosaaah and take a moment just for ourselves. That is because there is so much pressure on the woman out there, from society and all around. We... Continue Reading →

Homesick for Heaven

How beautiful Heaven must be, Where there are no tears, There is no sun because the Lord Jesus shines brighter than anything man has ever seen. I leave all my troubles in this world, and live to ever praise and worship Him. I am homesick for a place I have never been, some days I... Continue Reading →


Yes its that day again. When we crush on writers out there! Kutemwa has lined up another exciting piece for us. please read and Enjoy! Our God is a God of justice and he never perverts it. We are to be followers of the Lord and we’re to never judge unfairly. God will give everyone... Continue Reading →

Missing Baby

Its been officially 11 days since my warrior princess was away from me, *insert teardrop* We have never been apart from each other for even a night, so I was like pshew! I can handle this, I have lots of things to do without baby requiring to be fed, hugged, kissed, carried, washed, dressed, nappy... Continue Reading →


When we danced, it was absolute magic! #Dance #SevenLetterStory #WeAreMagic pic credit:

Not the Ring

He packed all his stuff today, Saying how he was not man enough for me. Then he started with the, 'it's not you, it's me' line. That was when I slapped him, Thwack! I didn't mean to, but I had to. He was questioning my intelligence. That he could be so bold... So forward... It... Continue Reading →

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