Forget about the past

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had a really WOW one! Here is a little something my friend Kutie wrote, as we keep on having sever Writer’s crush for this girl. 

When God brings you to it, He will see you through it. Forget about what you went through and hand it over to God. It’s hard to let go but what is done is done, you can’t reverse time. One should be able to move on and forgive because unforgiveness and bitterness hinder God’s blessings. Just look back and see the miles you’ve walked through and the hurdles you have overcome. That will keep you walking ahead so that your courage grows and you’ll be able to move on. As they often say what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger! It is not healthy to keep grudges and you can die young from habouring such negativity. As the hymn songwriter says: What a privilege it is to take everything to God in prayer. It’s good to have a free mind, and Remember vengeance belongs to God. Let go and let God.


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