Be You!

Hey there you… Yes you gorgeous, or are you a handsome? Whichever you are, I am here to tell you that you are a wonderful being. You have a purpose on this Earth, and you need to find it. There is a very special reason why God put you here, and if you have not find it, you had better.

So many times we try copy, or imitate what others do. Surely if we were all meant to be the same we would have all been created as copies? I sometimes wonder why we choose to be exactly like a certain someone while on Earth, while the person we should aspire to imitate is the Lord Jesus. After all He is the only perfect human being to have ever walked this earth. Yes I hear myself, My Lord was as human as you and I. He got hungry, he bled, he hurt, he felt (compassion among many other emotions) and so many other things.

Please note I am not saying that we should not emulate some qualities we see in others, there are still Lots of different things we can learn from each other. After all we were put on this earth partly to help one another, and we are encouraged to Love one another. The copying i mean is personality wise or not drawing a line between what should be imitated and what should not be.

Just Be you! Be Beautiful you! Embrace who you are, so you can be who you were meant to be. A beautiful original of an person with a purpose here on Earth. So next time you find yourself getting out of line, silently command yourself back into line and embrace you.

Be You with all the boldness and bravery you can muster!

As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘ Be You, everyone else is taken.’

be you

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