Missing Baby

Its been officially 11 days since my warrior princess was away from me, *insert teardrop* We have never been apart from each other for even a night, so I was like pshew! I can handle this, I have lots of things to do without baby requiring to be fed, hugged, kissed, carried, washed, dressed, nappy changed etc. I am sure you get the picture.

So I planned out all the days she would be away lovingly. I was in a happy mood, but it got damped by the fact that when I left her at my Mom she didn’t even want to say goodbye *traitor* But I grabbed her from her nkuku (grandmother) anyway, and took her outside. Explained that I was going and would be back, how much daddy and I loved her. Then I gave her a kiss. Granted it was more for my benefit, I mean she is only 1 year so she couldn’t fathom what I was on about. Then I left.

I got home and I was like Yay! It’s just the two of us. Couple time… This lasted all of 60 seconds and I started telling the hubbz how much I missed Baby A. I must have said it at least five times that day, and this continued everyday. I am probably down to saying it twenty times a day! *psycho much?* Well it just never occurred to me how much I would miss her. I knew I would miss her, but this is like a gut wrenching pain, like I left my heart somewhere else.

I miss you Miss A, so much. Everyday I talk about you, I look at your pictures, videos of you. I miss your smell, your laughter, dressing you and everything else about you. I miss how you say ‘Mama’ and then smile, the way you curl up next to me when you sleep clinging onto nyanya (boobie). I miss everything about you still.

I know nkuku and ntatemogolo (grandfather) are taking good care of you, maybe taking too much care. Especially your grandfather, he is hinting that you want to stay with them, daddy please *rolls eyes*

I miss you, to the extent that I even make your daddy miss you a lot more! So my the next 1.5 days pass away quickly! Thursday we will be together. So two more sleeps my darling daughter.

It really is Amazing how a little person can literally take over your life, to the point where all you see is them!


pic credit: pinterest.com


Mommy xo


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